Lemon Ginger Juice

Lemon Ginger Juice

Oct 17, 2023Abigail Wilson

Lemon Ginger Juice

Yield: 8 cups | Shelf Life: 3 - 4 Days (Room Temp)

Welcome to our zesty corner of the internet, where we're about to brighten your day and boost your well-being with a refreshing glass of Lemon Ginger Juice. If you're on the hunt for a rejuvenating and invigorating drink, you're in the right place.

Our Lemon Ginger Juice is a delightful combination of the vibrant tang of lemons and the soothing warmth of ginger. It's not only a flavor-packed beverage but also a powerhouse of health benefits. Whether you're seeking a natural energy boost, a kickstart to your metabolism, or simply a revitalizing sip, this recipe has you covered.

With its incredible versatility, this juice can be a game-changer for your daily routine. Whether you're looking to jumpstart your morning, recover after a workout, or add a burst of flavor to your water, Lemon Ginger Juice is your go-to elixir.

Our easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the process, and our "Notes and Variations" section will inspire you to customize this juice to suit your taste and dietary preferences.

So, let's dive into the world of Lemon Ginger Juice, unlock its secrets, and start your day with a zestful twist. Get ready to squeeze the day!



8 fresh lemons

.5 lbs peeled and chopped ginger root

5 cups water

2 tablespoons Moringa Powder

1/2 cup sugar (optional)



Wash the lemons and ginger thoroughly.

Cut the lemons in half and juice them using a citrus juicer or manual reamer.

Collect the lemon juice in a pitcher.

Peel the fresh ginger root using a spoon to remove the outer skin, chop into cubes.

Blend ginger, moringa powder, and lemon juice together in a blender. Then strain through a fine cheese cloth.

Warm half a cup of water and dissolve the half cup of sugar into it.

Combine sugar water, juice blend, and the rest of the water into a pitcher with ice and serve!



  • More or less sugar can be added to the mix depending on your sweet tooth!
  • Peel the ginger with a spoon, the skin comes right ooff and there's no need for a peeler.


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