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Moringa Powder is a naturally nutrient-rich supplement, packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and healthy fats. Its versatile taste profile makes it an excellent addition to various meals and beverages.

Cultivated in the warm climate of Houston, our Moringa Powder is produced with a commitment to quality, transparency, and environmental sustainability. Each step of our cultivation process is designed to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.

Ideal for enhancing smoothies, beverages, cooked dishes, and even baked goods, Moringa Powder retains its nutritional benefits in all types of recipes. It's a perfect ingredient for those looking to enrich their diet with natural nutrients.

Included in Every Delivery:

4 oz. of Moringa Powder in Compostable Packaging
 "Grow with Us" Moringa Seed Packet

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We recommend using about 1 teaspoon or less a day. The powder is relatively concentrated so a small amount goes a long way. We always suggest starting small and increasing a little if you'd like.

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Definitely! Sprinkling it raw onto your dinner can be the easiest way to incorporate moringa powder into your diet.

How you decide to use it is dependent upon your personal preferences.


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No. Our moringa is ours and ours alone. We believe in the importance and impact of local agriculture and grow all of our moringa trees in the Houston area.

While we are not certified organic (although we are working on it), we follow organic standards and practices and do not use any chemicals or pesticides in our cultivation practices.

No. Our powder is 100% ground moringa olifera and does not contain any preservatives or other additives.

You should store the powder in a dark and dry place and always tightly close/seal the container or pouch to maintain freshness.

If stored properly, the moringa powder can maintain its nutrient quality for a year or more, although it will slowly degrade over time.

As farmers, we believe we are frontline stewards of the earth and take that responsibility with the utmost seriousness and humility. Our boxes are recycleable, our greenwrap is compostable and recycleable, our glass jars are reusable and recycleable, and our pouches are compostable. We are committed to improving our environmental impact as we continue to develop as a business and are always interested in your input and feedback.

We ship to all 48 continental states.

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally and only ship in the continental United States.

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